The Best Free Software For Windows User

Windows is the best OS for PC developed by Microsoft. Windows OS comes with a lot of features and around 90 percent of the world are using Windows . So today, I am giving the best free software for windows users.If you bought a new laptop or if you installed Windows OS these software will […]

Download videos & movies from Hotstar on PC

Hotstar is one of the best websites for online streaming of TV Shows, and Movies in few Languages.The company named Star India has launched Hotstar for Streaming Cricket and sports videos in 2015 and now it is streaming  TV Shows and Daily Serials.Now we can see a lot of people using Hotstar to watch their favorite videos, […]

Best Apps to Download any video in Android 

Hi friends, Today I am giving the best apps to download any video on Android. We have different apps to download photos and videos from social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Most of the people watch videos on YouTube, Hotstar, facebook. In case if you don’t have sufficient Internet speed then you […]

How To Block Multiple YouTube Channels

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform worldwide. However, you can find all kind of stuff on youtube. YouTube allows users to upload, view, share and subscribe to other users. YouTube automatically recommends videos based on your search history and the videos you’ve seen before also comes as suggestions from youtube. It’s better to block YouTube channel to […]

How To Check YouTube Earnings Of Any Channel?

Hi Friends, Today I come up with the article about the earnings of any Youtube channel. There are many ways to earn money online on the internet. Youtube is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Most of the people earn money from Youtube by monetizing videos.You can check youtube earnings through a website […]