How To Track Your stolen Android phone OR Laptop

If you’re worried about your Android device being lost or stolen. Follow the below steps  It would be easier to track your phone if you have such app installed, and you still have a chance to track your phone/Laptop and recover it…

Track Your stolen Android phone OR Laptop Using Prey

If your phone is stolen and you don’t have a protected lock screen. the thief has already performed a factory reset, you’re out of luck. The phone is no longer associated with your Google Account at that point Google has no way of tracking it. If the phone happens to die before you can track it, or the thief turns it off, all hope isn’t totally lost.This will at least give you an idea of where you could’ve lost it. You can also hope that whoever finds it will put it on charge for you—then you’ll be able to track it again. Or maybe they’ll just call you. That’d be neat too.

Steps To Track Your stolen Android phone OR Laptop Using Prey

Step1: Download Prey Anti Theft from Google Play and install the app(for Android).Download Prey Software from prey website and install the file on the device you want to protect. A Prey account allows you to monitor up to three devices at once(for free now).

Step2: Once Prey is set up on your device, you’ll be prompted to log in. If you don’t have an account you have to visit the Prey website to create one.

Step3: At the Prey website, click Devices at the top-left of the page to see a friendly overview of the devices the software is protecting you.

Step4: You can specify which reporting options you want to use. If the device you’re protecting is a laptop, you’ll see additional options here, such as capturing periodic images from the webcam and monitoring updated files.

You can also track mobile using Android Device Manager…

but u can’t track if

  • Your phone may be turned off, or your battery may have been drained.
  • Your phone is not connected to the Internet.
  • Your phone may have been factory reset.

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