How To Block Multiple YouTube Channels

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform worldwide. However, you can find all kind of stuff on youtube. YouTube allows users to upload, view, share and subscribe to other users. YouTube automatically recommends videos based on your search history and the videos you’ve seen before also comes as suggestions from youtube. It’s better to block YouTube channel to […]

How To Check YouTube Earnings Of Any Channel?

Hi Friends, Today I come up with the article about the earnings of any Youtube channel. There are many ways to earn money online on the internet. Youtube is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Most of the people earn money from Youtube by monetizing videos.You can check youtube earnings through a website […]

How to Recover Data from a Dead or Erased Hard Drive?

When you encounter problems in data loss circumstances, all you need is a free recovery software. The only pre-condition is that your hard drive should not damage and the data on the hard drive has not been overwritten. We recommend you use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition. How to Retrieve data from hard drive: If You have deleted your data […]

Best Earphones Should buy under 1000rs 2017

An earphone is a gadget comes under headphone categories while headphone goes over the ears and the earphone goes into the ears. In-Ear headphone is a good choice for listening music on traveling and it reduces noise and gives extra bass effect.there are so many numbers of earphones in the market and online shops. So here […]

How to install Windows from USB Drive

The most common use of a USB flash drive is copy files from one device to other. you can also use USB flash drive for installation of windows instead of using the Windows installation CD . Booting from USB drive allows you to install OS  fast and performs well. Steps to install windows from USB […]