How to Download Torrent Files Directly Without Torrent Software

There are many more torrent downloaders available on the internet, but still, uTorrent is safe, small and easy to use.but Utorrent often waste’ your bandwidth by seeding torrent file after download is complete. Utorrent is just a program which can be used for torrent downloading. when you don’t want to use uTorrent and instead, look here another way to download torrent files.

Download Torrent Files Directly Without Torrent Software

We have come up with top cloud services that allow you to cache torrents and download torrents directly in the cloud. Once the torrent content is available in cloud storage, you can download them to your computer using any suitable web browser or download manager(Use IDM).


Zbigz is the Best cloud storage service that allows caching of torrents in the cloud. Instead of waiting for seeders you add the torrent link on Zbigz. it will download the torrent to their cloud storage. Once the torrent content has been fully cached, you can download it from the Zbigz servers. And yes, all downloads have resume capability. Their servers are fast and offer high-speed torrent caching,(depending on the type of account and the speed of connection ) .your download speed may vary accordingly. Here you don’t need  to register with Email


This is a dedicated service for caching torrent files in the cloud. In order to use the service, first, you need to sign up via email. A free account will allow you to download torrents of less than 1GB size, and cached torrents will be available for 24 hours. There is also a download speed limit for free users. but Paid users can store up to 30 GB of data at a time, get unlimited download speeds.

Bitport is another cloud-based file storage solution with support for torrent caching. Besides torrents and store them in your private cloud. This service is also capable of streaming video and music torrents online, along with subtitles (if available). Once files have been downloaded to your Bitport account, you can access them anywhere to your computer.

Similarly, is another cloud storage service with dedicated BitTorrent support. It caches torrents and puts them into the users’ private storage. The service does not offer a free trial you need suitable subscription plan. The minimum subscription plan is $0.99 per day, which gives you up to 50 GB of storage space.

Note: Without being a premium you can download files only up to 1 Gb (depends on the site) in size and with a limited speed. To avail more of their features be a premium member.

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