How to Watch Torrent Movies Online Without Downloading

Have you ever thought to watch torrent movies online without downloading it? Yes you can do this using no of ways  which are used to stream torrent videos and play videos by torrent file How to Watch Torrent Movies Online Without Downloading Nowadays torrent is a very popular for computer geeks.Torrent is used to download […]

Nokia 6 – Features, Specs, Review & Everything you need to know

Nokia is one of the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturers earlier. In 2014, Nokia’s Devices and Services division was sold to Microsoft. In 2016, and has a licensing agreement that allows it to make smartphones under the Nokia brand. NOKIA 6-Features, Specs, Review Nokia launched its new Android Smartphone Nokia 6 in January 2017. The […]

Why Should You Start Using a VPN(VirtuaL Private NetworK)

Most of the times we may get some problem while accessing few websites from our workplace, school, college etc. this will happen when those websites are blocked by our ISP or many be due to some country restrictions. If you still want to access those websites the best way is to use proxy websites which is […]

How To Incease Internet Speed Up to 500 Mbps

Is your internet speed is very low and are u not able to browse on the internet.So follow my trick to browse up to 500 Mbps and watch youtube without buffering in HD you will able to browse as fast u can by using a website but you can Browse this website with […]

How to Install Android OS on Your Windows PC or Laptop

All of we know that  Android is a popular OS for all mobile phones and tablets. But now, you can even install Android OS on Windows PC or Laptop.To try out Android games and apps in your PC and to use Android conveniently on a large screen. How to Install Android on Windows PC or Laptop […]