The Best Free Software For Windows User

Windows is the best OS for PC developed by Microsoft. Windows OS comes with a lot of features and around 90 percent of the world are using Windows . So today, I am giving the best free software for windows users.If you bought a new laptop or if you installed Windows OS these software will sufficient for you.

Best Free SoftwareThe Best Free Software For Windows User

1.Internet Browser

If you want to use the internet on your PC you should have an Internet browser.there are two best browsers right now firefox and chrome. Google Chrome is the fastest and safest browser.Google chrome is speedy and it has a great library of extension. Mozilla Firefox is the best browser for its multi-functional can also use Microsoft Edge(in Windows).


you should protect your PC with an antivirus program.Every Windows PC has inbuilt Windows Defender Antivirus.You can also use Another good antivirus to safe from harmful threats, malware, spyware etc. avast and avg are some of the best antivirus programs. Alternately, you can also use Microsoft Security Essentials that comes with inbuilt security program for Windows.

3.Media Player

Every user must use their computer to watch movies and listening songs.So we need a good media player to play almost all audio and video files. So VLC Media Player and GOM player are the best video players.for audio songs, you have an inbuilt audio player.

4.Registry Cleaners

If you download lots software your computer may slow down, now you need to speed up software for your Windows. CCleaner is one of the best software for clean all junks, temporary files, cache files and increases your Computer Performance and Life. PC will run smoothly after using this software.


Shareit is one of the best app to transfer files through wifi from one device to another.Using ShareIt for file transfer from Android to the computer over WiFi is quite easy and fast.

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 6.MS Office 

I think all of you aware of this software.I recommend you use Open Office(Free) which is very much similar to MS Office.It is one of the most useful and popular tools from Microsoft. In general, you can use Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

7.Internet Download Manager

IDM is the best Download manager compare to others it increases our overall download speed to max. Even after so many years, IDM remains one of the best download managers for Windows.It helps you download all type of files and manage them in a file type.With IDM you can pause and resume downloads, download speeds are very high,(you can control the download speeds) moreover it Is the best way to download videos from YouTube.

8.Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is the best uninstall utility works much faster than Windows control panel. With its advanced and fast algorithm, Revo Uninstaller performs a scan before and after you uninstall an will remove all the files of the uninstalling software.

9.Malware Bytes

Malware Bytes is a tool that removes malicious software and infected files on your PC and it can optimize your PC’s performance.Malwarebytes keeps your PC safe from harmful threats provide you a secure environment on your PC.

10.Adobe Reader

If you want to read pdf documents and ebooks and then Adobe reader a must software for can also use reader app comes inbuilt in Windows.

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U torrent is used To download torrent files with maximum speed Utorrent is a fast and very efficient torrent client.

12.Adobe Photoshop/GIMP

Adobe Photoshop is a great software for editing photos.I would recommend GIMP, an alternative for this which is free and very similar to Adobe Photoshop.


This is a must-have software for virus testers. If you download any application from the internet just run it in Sandboxie to check whether it’s infected or not.

14.Win RAR

Most of the computers have this software. Win Rar helps you extract archive formats like ZIP and RAR on your computer. You can also view other format files from this software also lets you see files inside an archive before you actually extract

15.Recovery software

If You have deleted your data by mistake, Then you can simply recover all deleted files from the hard drive it easily without any Issues. There are so many articles available to recover deleted files from hard drive. I have tried Easy US data recovery for recovering the deleted files from my PC

 16.Vmware workstation

Vmware helps us in installing multiple Operating Systems over main Operating System.if you are having Windows 7 installed on your computer as the main Operating System You can install and run other Operating Systems like Windows XP,10, Linux.So, you don’t need to dual boot your computer.


Most of the times we get some websites are blocked. This may be due to some country restrictions. If you still want to access those websites the best way is to use proxy websites which is also called a use this VPN – Cyberghost. There are many other proxy software programs on the web.


ShareX is an open-source screenshot tool to capture either full-screen or selected regions of your screen.It also has a screen recorder and other features for all of your screen-capturing may use snipping tool on windows.

Hope you like it and let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions.



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