Download videos & movies from Hotstar on PC

Hotstar is one of the best websites for online streaming of TV Shows, and Movies in few Languages.The company named Star India has launched Hotstar for Streaming Cricket and sports videos in 2015 and now it is streaming  TV Shows and Daily Serials.Now we can see a lot of people using Hotstar to watch their favorite videos, movies, and sports Live Streaming.follow below procedure to download hotstar videos from PC.

Download videos & movies from Hotstar on PC

Hotstar didn’t allow its users to download hotstar videos from PC. It allows the users only to watch videos So, people with internet connection used to watch videos in Hotstar. But, now, Hotstar is allowing its users to download videos from Android app. However, you can download Hotstar videos on PC too. This method enables you to download Hotstar videos and movies on Only Windows OS(Windows 7 Windows8, 8.1, 10).The method works well and includes easy steps but the speed is Low(Depends on Internet Connection). hotstar is available only in India.

Steps to download hotstar videos from pc

1.Download the Hotstar video downloader software.You can download this software from this link Hotstar video downloader software.

2.After downloading the software, you will get the .rar file. So, extract the files from it and open the Hotsstarlivesteamer.Now, the command prompt will open.

download hotstar videos on PC

3.You will see a text which says to paste the link. So, now you will need to copy the URL of the video(copy the URL from the address bar on hotstar) you want to download and paste the link in the command prompt window. Click Enter.

4.After pasting the URL, just write the quality(like 720p,360p) in which you want to download the video and type D(type P to play the video) and click enter to start downloading the video.

download hotstar videos on PC can find the video in the downloaded video section of the folder that you extracted earlier.

This is the best method to download unlimited videos and movies from Hotstar. You can also download Hotstat videos using some other websites(like CPM).If you guys know any other method, let us know in the comments section below.


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