How To Block Multiple YouTube Channels

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform worldwide. However, you can find all kind of stuff on youtube. YouTube allows users to upload, view, share and subscribe to other users. YouTube automatically recommends videos based on your search history and the videos you’ve seen before also comes as suggestions from youtube. It’s better to block YouTube channel to get out of this problem. In this article, we will show you how you can block YouTube Channels and videos on your desktop.

How To Block Youtube Channel

How To Block Youtube channel

Actually, YouTube doesn’t allow users to permanently block a specific YouTube channels but you can simply block suggestions from youtube. Sometimes You may not like some channel’s content being recommended to you, but YouTube will still recommend it just because you searched for something related to it. YouTube may not be able to help in this matter, but there is a solution that can help you block channels and videos. Here’s how to block YouTube channel

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How to block multiple youtube channels

You can use an extension like Video Blocker to block multiple YouTube channel with one click. Video Blocker manually add channels and keywords to block all videos and channels containing those words. Video Blocker works best in the hands of parents who are trying to protect their children from inappropriate content. Although it can also be used for blocking annoying recommendations from channels. Moreover, you can also add password to prevent others from removing your items from your block list. To add a password to your Video Blocker, go to the extension on the right-hand side of your internet browser and select “Settings.” Scroll down the bottom of settings and you’ll be able to add a password.


If there are a number of YouTube channels you want to block, go through the below process. in this case use 3 options.


This option filters all videos containing a specific keyword. You just simply enter the keyword (like“Rooting”) and Video Blocker will automatically remove anything containing that keyword.


If you want to block multiple channels with the same name, this is the best option. Any words entered here will be searched for the name of the channel, and that channel will be blocked if the words match.


This isn’t a good option if you’re looking to block multiple channels. Here you need to enter the exact full name of the channel where you would like to block the videos. It is better to copy/paste the channel’s name.

Steps To block Youtube Channel Using Video Blocker

  • Search Video Blocker in Google extension site and then add it to your own extension on Chrome
  • Open YouTube, and find your desired channels to block.
  • Right-click on any unsuitable video from the channel, and select “Block Videos from this Channel“. All of the videos from the channel will be blocked immediately.
  • You will find the icon of Video Blocker on top right corner. Click on the icon. On the pop-up box, choose “Add” option and click “+” button to write down the YouTube channels that you would like to block. That’s it.

This extension lets you completely block all videos from a channel or specific type of videos like they were never uploaded to YouTube. They will not show up as recommendations, and even searching for the channel’s name will not show any results.

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Restricted mode

You can also block some inappropriate content flagged by users by enabling restricted mode on Youtube. To turn on restricted mode, scroll down to the bottom on your YouTube page and click the “Restricted Mode: Off” button. Restricted Mode hides videos that may contain inappropriate content flagged by users. This filter is not 100% accurate, but it should help you avoid inappropriate content

Also, if you know of any other way to block YouTube channels, do let us know in the comments section below.


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